Snai Casinò

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SNAI è il sito di gioco più conveniente e diversificato per i giocatori italiani. Fin dal suo lancio nelsi è affermato come un sito di scommesse sportive affidabile, funzionale e molto divertente. Infatti, SNAI è il marchio più popolare di scommesse, virtual sports e prodotti di gioco nel paese.

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Each Italian frame title has been selected according to three criteria: 1 As far as possible, it is a general term which can be used in a wide range of contexts with relatively few limitations upon its use, whereas some of the synonyms associated with it have a more restricted usage for example: facile rather than agevole; luogo rather than locale; mettere rather than porre. There are a small number of exceptions to this principle where, with certain terms that relate to bodily functions, it seemed more natural to take as frame titles items which themselves are in keeping with this type 6 Introduction of function for example, cacare, pisciare, scopare. Lexical items which have no obvious synonyms e. For information about these, a general dictionary will need to be consulted. The frame titles are presented in alphabetical order in the dictionary and are flanked, in the top right-hand corner of the frame, with the closest English equivalent s of the Italian frame titles. Where lexical items chosen as frame titles have more than one clearly distinct meaning or can be used as more than one part of speech with different synonyms grouping round them, they may appear as frame titles to two or more separate entries, the first labelled athe second betc. Head-words In the first column of the semantic frame there appear, below the frame title, the head-words or synonyms of the frame title including the frame title itself. These head-words are presented in alphabetical order within each register level see below under Register. In some cases a head-word occurs twice in the same entry.

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